Versioning System

LibMinecraft is versioned with two numbers: major and minor. Each version number has a sort of scope - Alpha, Beta, or Stable. Each one should be interpreted differently.


The alpha stage only happens once, at the beginning of the project. It is not intended for widespread use, and is generally considered very unstable. Alpha versions are generally referred to in the "0.x" format. For example, the first alpha is 0.1. It increments from there: 0.2, 0.3, ..., 0.9, 0.10, and so on.


The beta stage is considered "near-stable", and can be used with the condition that bugs are expected. People who use beta software are encouraged to report any bugs they find in the Issue Tracker. Beta versions restart the clock at 0.1, and continue up to 0.9. We generally try to restrict ourselves to less than 9 betas.


Stable releases are considered to be virtually bug-free and are intended for widespread use across our userbase. These are in the format "x.y". Version 1 is 1.0, version 2 is 2.0, and so on. The first patch (a small fix or minor change) is x.1. For example, 1.1 is the first patch of 1.0, and 2.3 is the third patch of 2.0. Major version changes generally entail rewriting most of the code and creating an entirety new product - backwards compatability is a goal, but not an expectation.

Bleeding Edge

The Source Code is the least likely to be stable. It is known as the "bleeding edge" version because it is the very edge of up-to-date - whatever our developers are working on is considered bleeding edge. This version is extremely likely to be unstable, and perhaps have entire features that do not work. Many features will be works in progress, and are likely to break.

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