Starting at Alpha 0.4, worlds will work differently in LibMinecraft. This is the new structure:
  • A server can have a number of LibMinecraft.Model.Level objects
    • This replaces LibMinecraft.Server.MultiplayerServer.Worlds
    • A Level contains things like world seed, game mode, and three World objects for each dimension
    • Levels contain information about connected players
  • Each World no longer contains information such as game mode and difficulty.
    • A World object has a number of Region objects, each of which is a 32x32 area of MapColumns
  • The new Region object contains a number of MapColumns, up to 32x32. It does not necessarily have all of these columns loaded at any given time.
  • A MapColumn contains a vertical column of 16 chunks. Not all chunks will be included; chunks of only air are not.
    • MapColumns also include biome information.
    • MapColumns contain entities that are in their column.
    • A MapColumn may not be generated. It is only generated when its contents are needed.
  • A Chunk is a 16x16x16 group of blocks. This is mostly unchanged.

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